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This is the point that trips me up. My way of processing items is to process buckets to 0. The Inbox is a great example of this.

Having actions that I have placed a start date into the future show up in this filter means I cannot process it to 0.
And you do your processing from project/planning mode, instead of context mode? This behavior doesn't seem to be an issue if you plan in project mode and execute in context mode (assumption: you aren't using the stalled filter in context mode).
If I have placed an action in the future, I usually don't need to look at it until that start date. Have you used this filter, seen an action that you put a future date into, and changed the status of the project/action because it wasn't right?
No, the case I was referring to there is that of a project which has as its next action something that is in an on-hold context, such as I sometimes use for my Waiting For contexts. If work on some project is stalled until I get the new disk drive, I'm going to check the order status and/or tracking info on the order occasionally to make sure it is going to get to me in the expected timeframe, so that I can make other arrangements if UPS decides they can't find my house (I'm not kidding), or the vendor doesn't ship on schedule, or whatever.