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Hey Omnigroup,
For the record, I use the Mac, iphone, and iPad versions of Omnifocus, so to preempt any of those who will call me a "whiner" for posting this, I've paid a lot of money to the omnigroup, and simply want them to make their OF for ipad product a little more visually appealing.

This part of the UI annoys me:

1) Either use symbols, or text, or both. But keep it consistent! If the right button says Inbox, the left should say "New item" or something.
2) the two icons should be on the same level, the bottom pixels should line up.
3) These icons are so generic and ugly.

IDK, I just wish the OF for iPad version looked nicer, like the app: "A stunning To Do list." I only use this app because it syncs up with my iphone and desktop, but it really isn't very polished looking.