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Hi All,
I am an avid omnifocus user on mac and ipad.
I am currently wondering if i could use omnioutliner to write my thoughts about a specific project and keep them organized.
I may have different other complex project in the future. (however, it's not a project that need to be organized with tasks, dates etx....)
For example, if the project is "buy a car", i would need to organize different information about: carmakers, car models, options, prices, wheel size, power etc...and also more general info like tax due for specific kind of car, maximum speed allowed (fact that apply to all cars)...

Is OO the right software ?

Has i use a lot omnifocus on my ipad i assume i will also use OO when it comes out. Should i wait for OO 4 (which will be optimised for ipad and vice versa) ?

Thanks a lot for your replies, and thoughts,
Thanks to Omnigroup programmer for the great job.