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I'd like to use the subgraph feature to expand-collapse process-subprocesses diagram. I've grouped several subprocesses in a sub graph but noticed I didn't have a line connector between two sub-processes. How can I add the connector to the subgraph? How could I add another sub-process within the sub-graph.

I really don't want to ungroup, add the connector, reselect, (perhaps forget another piece), then regroup. I'd really like to drag-n-drop the connector onto the subgraph or open another window to edit the subgraph, or ...?

Further, I could see building a high level diagram and then returning to individual processes to add sub-process details (and details to those sub-processes, ad nauseum)

Perhaps, this is a feature request in disguise. Or, I missed a step. Or, ... Heelllllpppppp!?

Keep up the great work.