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I use the 3.7.1 version on Leopard 10.5.5
I have many omnioutliner doc wich have some links to quicktime movies on the
same external drive than the omnioutliner document.
I use theses documents on an external drive. A. The omnioutliner file is very usefull in this case to add many comments about the video. Like a tutorial.

  • 3 Month ago, I have made a back up (with super duper) of A to a new one B. On B all the links in the omnioutliner file to the movies works properly to the B hard drive. The update of the links are perfect.
  • Today I try the same operation from A to C (an other hard drive), all the links to the sames movies, in the omnioutliner document are broken this time. They all keep the link to A with no update of the links.

How can I do ?
That's a big problem for and I don't want to re link manually all the files.
Have you a solution with xml file in the package of the omnioutliner
document ?

Thank you in advance for your answer,
Best regards,