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Here's what I did:
  • Switch to project mode
  • Set view bar to Project Filter=All, Grouping=Folder, Sorting=Unsorted, Status Filter=Remaining, Est. Time Filter=Any, Fiag Filter=Any
  • Select Library in the Sidebar
  • Close the sidebar (by dragging the handle at the bottom of the separator to the left)
  • Create a new perspective named "Project Focus"
  • In the Perspectives Window, make sure it is set to restore Layout and Selection
  • Take a snapshot of the window (I think this is necessary to get OF to remember the layout after turning on that option.)

In OF preferences, under General, I set "Project Focus" to be my default perspective for new windows.* Now double-clicking an action opens a window using this perspective, but focused on the project to which the double-clicked action belongs.

* Note: There is a bug in OF 1.7.1 that the default perspectives drop-down list in General Preferences only gets updated on a relaunch of OF. So until that's fixed you need to quit OF after setting of the perspective. Then just relaunch and set the default perspective.