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Thank you for that, but it feels like you missed my thesis: "Use file locks if you have to, provide import and export buttons, hack something together, but... SUPPORT DROPBOX"

You are trying to refactor your system to allow for atomic operations in a synced environments. I am no stranger to the issues that result from this. You are not wrong, it is very tricky to do perfectly. However they are also only likely to occur when true simultaneous access is occurring, and that is a rare situation.

Nor is it unique to Dropbox. Software has had to contend with these issues for decades. And yet we deal with it.

So by all means, continue to strive for perfect, but in the mean time why don't you implement good enough. Add import/export support for Dropbox, do some kind of file locking such that only one app can actually edit at a time, save to a shadow file and then play the rename game, etc (see Word's behavior in this situation for a perfectly acceptable solution).

If you toss us a bone then we can actually use your software. If you don't, and keep pursuing perfect at the expense of good enough, then you lose revenue, you lose customers, and you create active badwill.

There is always a solution. It may not be the one you want, but there is always a solution. That is what we care about.