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In fact, how do you turn this OFF? Wow you can easily accidentally complete an entire project with NO feedback.

First one that comes to mind. HAve project selected, press command-space for spotlight, but kinda miss the command key, and if you are looking up at the spotlight corner, nothing happens, you shrug, press it again, oh good, spotlight, then 2 days later, "what the heck happened to my project!"
This is theoretically possible, but OmniOutliner and OmniFocus both use this mechanism, and in my years of using both apps, I don't think this has ever actually happened.

You have to be in row-selection-but-not-editing mode for it to happen; otherwise you'll just get a space character in whatever cell you're editing.
For the project to disappear, you'd have to be using the 'Active' projects filter selected - with the 'Remaining' filter, the project will get a strikethrough style applied but remain visible.

Ultimately, you're correct - in a very specific set of circumstances, the feature could cause unintended behavior. I'm not sure there's an easy solution, though: removing the feature is a no-go, and notifying the user every time they mark something complete is going to annoy more folks than it helps.

Theoretically, we could make a preference for this, but do that across the board and you end up with preference panes as numerous/complex as Eudora. Which is not a good thing, in my personal opinion. ;-)