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I think it may be logical if I'm entering an action for it to default the time to right now, since it's unlikely I'd schedule an action for the past and I can just roll it forward to the time I want. But if I change the day, it should roll the time to 12:00 am; if I need a more precise time I can change it, but if it's currently 10:37 am and I'm setting an action for tomorrow, it's highly unlikely I'll want to do it at 10:37. In the rare event that I've already completed an action this morning that wasn't in OF already, and I want a record of having done it, I should be able to roll the day forward or back, have the time change to 12:00 am, then roll it back to today and have the time stay at 12:00 am; I can set it more precisely if necessary.

Also, if I'm creating an action for today and the time defaults to right now, if I change the hour the minutes should roll to 00. How likely is it that if it's 10:37 am and I'm setting up an action to do on the way home this afternoon that I'll want to do it at 37 minutes after whatever hour I set it to?

Just my 2 cents. Who's with me? :)