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I am converting from iGTD to OF and am trying to decide how to handle tasks that I know I want to do soon but that I do not want to display on my Context view yet. I will use my finance actions as an example problem:

I have a bunch of Single Actions regarding my personal finances. Here are a few examples:

Schedule Bills to be auto drafted on the same day of month
Create a new savings CD
Read an article on investing
Review Budget
Change Life Insurance to be drafted from a different checking account

Currently I have these in a Single Action List called "Single Finances" in a Home:Finances folder. Each Action could be in a different context such as @Errands:Bank, @Home:Computer:Web, etc..

I am trying to avoid having a bunch of these actions showing up in each context or my single action list. It is making these lists too long. In iGTD, i would just mark some of these actions as "Maybe". This would hide the action until I did a weekly or monthly review, then i could re-evaluate if any of these actions are ones that I want to do very soon. I do not see a way in OmniFocus to put specific actions on hold. I can only put Projects and Contexts on hold.. correct?

If this is the case, do you have suggestions on how to handle this? I have been reading through the forums and have found some ideas. The best idea i can come up would be to do something similar to this.

Idea: I could have two Single Action lists in my Home:Finances folder. One would be an On Hold list and another would be a Active list. Then I could set the On Hold to be reviewed each week or each month.

Problem: This results in a lot of single action lists. If i do this for each category (ex. Finances, Health, Home Repairs, etc..), I will end up with a lot of lists.

I understand creating projects like "Create a budget" and putting that on hold, but it is difficult for single actions.
How do all of you handle this?
Do you have any better suggestions?