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I get a Growl confirmation that the task has been added, but nothing shows up in my inbox.

Looking at the console i get this error

06-09-12 13:54:33,663 outboxrule[40046]: Error : OmniFocus got an error: Canít get context "Waiting for ..." of default document.

This is the script i use

Waiting For Mails to OmniFocus Script
by, Sven Fechner
MailTags project and due date compatibility added by Scott Morrison, Indev Software

Based on an Outbox Rule (Mail Act-On) in this script adds specific messages
to the OmniFocus Inbox with the waiting for context

MailTags is required to automatically set the project and the due date.

Mail Act-On ( is required to define the Outbox Rule to only
create tasks for those outgoing emails that are to be tracked in OmniFocus

A sample Outbox rule may be
if MailTags Tickle Date is After 0 days today
Run Apple Script: [ThisAppleScript]

The script uses Growl from the App Store for feedback notification if it is installed and running



-- Do you want the actualy mail body to be added to the notes section of the OmniFocus task?
-- Set to 'true' is or 'false' if no
property mailBody : true

-- Text between mail recipient (the person you are waiting for to come back) and the email subject
property MidFix : "to follow up re:"

-- Name of your Waiting For context in OmniFocus
property myWFContext : "Waiting for ..."

-- Default start time
property timeStart : "06:00:00"

-- Default due time
property timeDue : "14:00:00"

-- Default start to due date interval, in days
property dateInterval : "3"


--Configuration for Growl messages
property GrowlRun : true
property scriptName : "Waiting For Mails to OmniFocus"
property notifySuccess : "Success Notification"
property notifyFail : "Failed Notification"
property titleSuccess : "Waiting For Mail added"
property titleFail : "Waiting For Mail to OmniFocus FAILED"
property txtSuccess : " added to OmniFocus successfully"
property txtFail : " to OmniFocus to add successfully"
property txtIcon : "OmniFocus"

using terms from application "Mail"

on perform mail action with messages theData
--Check if Growl is running
tell application "System Events" to set GrowlRun to (count of (every process whose name is "Growl")) > 0

--Setup Growl
if GrowlRun then tell application "Growl" to register as application scriptName all notifications {notifySuccess, notifyFail} default notifications {notifySuccess, notifyFail} icon of application txtIcon

--Get going
-- tell application "Mail"
-- set theMessages to |SelectedMessages| of theData --Extract the messages from the rule
-- repeat with theMessage in theMessages
repeat with theMessage in theData
set theSubject to subject of theMessage
set theRecipient to name of to recipient of theMessage
set theMessageID to urlencode(the message id of theMessage) of me
set theStartDate to ""
set theDueDate to ""

using terms from application "MailTagsHelper"
set theStartDate to (due date of theMessage) as date
set theStartDate to my setStartDate(theStartDate)
set theDueDate to theStartDate + dateInterval * days
set theDueDate to my setDueDate(theDueDate)
end using terms from
on error theError

end try

-- Check if there is one or more recipients
if (count of theRecipient) > 1 then
set theRecipientName to (item 1 of theRecipient & (ASCII character 202) & "and" & (ASCII character 202) & ((count of theRecipient) - 1) as string) & (ASCII character 202) & "more"
set theRecipientName to item 1 of theRecipient
end if

set theTaskTitle to theRecipientName & (ASCII character 202) & MidFix & (ASCII character 202) & theSubject
set messageURL to "Created from message://%3C" & (theMessageID) & "%3E"
set theBody to messageURL
if mailBody then set theBody to theBody & return & return & the content of theMessage

-- Add waiting for context task to OmniFocus
tell application "OmniFocus"
tell the default document
set theContext to context "Waiting for ..."

if theStartDate is not "" then
set theTask to make new inbox task with properties {name:theTaskTitle, note:theBody, context:theContext, start date:theStartDate, due date:theDueDate}
set theTask to make new inbox task with properties {name:theTaskTitle, note:theBody, context:theContext}

end if
if myproject is not null then
set theProject to project myproject
move theTask to end of tasks of theProject

end if
end tell
end tell

on error theError
do shell script "logger -t outboxrule 'Error : " & theError & "' "
end try

my GrowlSuccess("Mail: " & theSubject)
end repeat
-- end tell

-- end perform_mail_action

end perform mail action with messages

on GrowlSuccess(theMessage)
if GrowlRun then tell application "Growl" to notify with name notifySuccess title titleSuccess description theMessage & txtSuccess application name scriptName
end GrowlSuccess

on urlencode(theText)
set theTextEnc to ""
repeat with eachChar in characters of theText
set useChar to eachChar
set eachCharNum to ASCII number of eachChar
if eachCharNum = 32 then
set useChar to "+"
else if (eachCharNum ≠ 42) and (eachCharNum ≠ 95) and (eachCharNum < 45 or eachCharNum > 46) and (eachCharNum < 48 or eachCharNum > 57) and (eachCharNum < 65 or eachCharNum > 90) and (eachCharNum < 97 or eachCharNum > 122) then
set firstDig to round (eachCharNum / 16) rounding down
set secondDig to eachCharNum mod 16
if firstDig > 9 then
set aNum to firstDig + 55
set firstDig to ASCII character aNum
end if
if secondDig > 9 then
set aNum to secondDig + 55
set secondDig to ASCII character aNum
end if
set numHex to ("%" & (firstDig as string) & (secondDig as string)) as string
set useChar to numHex
end if
set theTextEnc to theTextEnc & useChar as string
end repeat
return theTextEnc
end urlencode

on setStartDate(theStartDate)
set theDate to (date string of theStartDate)
set newDate to the (date (theDate & " " & timeStart))
return newDate
end setStartDate

on setDueDate(theDueDate)
set theDate to (date string of theDueDate)
set newDate to the (date (theDate & " " & timeDue))
return newDate
end setDueDate

end using terms from