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I've been experimenting with todo.txt lately. Syncs with dropbox. Been helping another OF/Android user test out an applescript he wrote to partially sync the todo.txt file with OF (it will add new items to OF and mark items you marked completed in todo.txt completed in your main OF database).

While it's not perfect for a variety of reasons, it has the virtue of keeping you working with more or less the same universe of data. It also keeps the data out of a proprietary format other than OF's.

In addition, the client for windows isn't bad and also syncs with dropbox. So if you also work on a windows box, it gives you a way to access that info there too.

The UI of these apps won't make you forget OF. But they are a start.

I've also been using wunderlist a bit for more personal errands type tasks. Because you can share tasks lists with other, this is helpful for lists that my sweetie and I are working on together.