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Originally Posted by Tim Wood
The Finder window will only be shown if you click on the Growl window. Growl lets the source application provide some context to be passed back to activate if the user clicks on the window. For example, if you click on an overdue task Growl, you'll go right to that task.
Ah! I was not aware that my Growl notices could be active. I'll try clicking on notices from other apps to see what I'm missing.

The trick here is what click-on-Growl means:
  • Clicking on a Growl notice when it appears clearly means "do the associated action."
  • But when I'm away from my Mac, I've asked Growl to keep all notices on screen. Clicking these sticky notices is the only way to make them disappear.
A discussion in the Growl forum mentioned the close ("x") button. I'll try clicking it the next time to see if I can dismiss a notice with OmniFocus finding out.