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I found another post on the OmniGroup forum that is probably related to this.

In this thread, one of the members posted this information that is from the Troubleshooting Common Issues page.

If your database is too big, it will be too large to fit in the iPhone's memory. If you are also using OmniFocus on a Macintosh (the most likely way to encounter this problem), consider archiving some of your data by choosing "Move Old Data to Archive" from the File menu. In general, we recommend trying to keep the number of actions on your phone down below a thousand.
I have 722 actions, so this could be the problem. I don't have 1,000 actions, but I'm thinking that I have copied some larger files into the comments fields.

I will see if I can pare this down. I have been using OF also as a list manager since nothing like OmniOutliner is available yet.

I really appreciate your help. I will check back to see if there are any more suggestions.