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Here’s a specific response to your question Jennifer, just something quite particular that jumped out at me yesterday as I was creating a new project and defining its first couple actions.

I knew I wanted to get to it soon, but I couldn’t figure out how to TRUST that it would be brought back to my attention at the right time. It was really in a gray area: definitely due soon-ish, but not at any particular time, and neither important enough to deserve a flag, nor unimportant enough that I could afford to forget about it ... what to do? How to make sure it gets paid attention to sometime in the next couple weeks?

D’oh! Review!

In a forehead slapping moment, I realized this is what review intervals are for. Just set a daily review on it. Make OF keep pushing it at me ... not as “due” or flagged as “important,” but just as something that I need to be reminded of. Regularly. Until it happens.

That’s what reviews are for. That’s how you can TRUST that you won’t drop a ball.