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I don't want to argue with you. But you're again, steering this legitimate question I've raised in a direction that not only leaves my concern unaddressed, but suggests it SHOULDN'T be addressed in this forum.

And I just don't see it that way, because Ken and company at OmniGroup have DESIGNED OmniFocus's synching features so that you WOULD be using it between multiple Apple devices you use, regardless of ownership. Seriously..."ownership" of the device that HAS to be a moot point in this day and age when it comes to (at least some of) the files residing locally on that machine.

I'm NOT asking for HOW to hack into my employer's network. I'm asking for a KILL SWITCH so that I can UNLINK the computer I no longer have access to.

Let me reframe it this way:

What if my MacBook was stolen? Among many other things in my user folder I'd want to delete, at LEAST through the wonders of WebDAV and the other synching technologies folded into OmniFocus, shouldn't I be able to UNPLUG the database on the distant computer to keep my privacy?

I use OmniFocus (which I paid for out of pocket) to manage my projects, GTD style, regardless of whether I'm "at the office" or on my own time. I don't silo my information, nor does anyone else practicing GTD. I'm GOING to have my work projects and my home projects in the same OmniFocus database which resides in ~/Library/Application Support.

I need to be able to pull the plug on that database, or I need to move it to my DropBox or elsewhere.

Is that a less reprehensible way to ask for the SAME outcome?

Anyone besides Greg have some insight or opinions on this?