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The team that I lead (of 22 other members, responsible each for a committee) is organizing an international university conference. None but me uses OmniPlan or Macintosh, so to get the easiest possible way to report on the tasks, their progress, and in turn to report to the group our overall progress, I've created a series of AppleScripts, and script libraries that easily send Excel spreadsheets and emails for each team member to respond. The spreadsheets and the emails are automatically read by AppleScript and used to populate and update OmniPlan (obviously, also automatically). That way, without having to invest the time-consuming effort of manually requesting information from members or updating OmniPlan, I have the latest view on the progress of the project. The users respond to very simple prompts, so that project management does not take any significant time for them or me. Over the next few days I hope to have created AppleScripts to generate reports to publish on the web for the entire team to see. Other than something like this, I don't know of another way to track time relatively effortlessly. Maybe 2.0 will have something to replace this system or make it better.