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Yeah, I agree - they seem set in their direction, but the simplest implementation for many would just be the ability to have multiple contexts. I definitely need that -- it's not clear how else I can easily capture, within projects/contexts, the need to follow up with Joe about something Sam is doing. It's a matrixy org, so I need that to also be easily findable under "Sam" as well. Having to do one thing to find Joe-context items and another to find Sam is awkward. Shoving them both into saved searches is irritating when a perfectly cromulent feature _almost_ solves the problem.

Another example crops up when I have several developers I work with, and a couple different scrums I sit in on. Issues I want to follow up with Bob about on product X legitimately belong to both the @bob context and the @scrum context.

So, again, my vote is for multiple contexts. It's the right solution. Relying on metadata and saved searches still strikes me as a workaround, and the whole point of an app like this is to avoid kludgey workarounds.