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I want to see OmniFocus Reminders in Google Calendar not just iCal and iPhone/iPad. I know Google Calendar does not work with password protected iCal files:

but I came across this post:

It looks like I could build a simple Yahoo Pipe: "Fetch Feed > Pipe Output". I did test it with this calendar:
webcal:// 2&pin=91470118

the pipe output is:

Unfortunately the pipe output is "null"" and no items are displayed in the calendar when I use the Yahoo Pipes iCal URL in Google Calendar. Perhaps I need to build the pipe differently.

Also, when I use the OmniFocus iCal URL with username/password (webcal:// I get this error message:
This Pipe ran successfully but encountered some problems:

warning Error fetching Response: Tunnel Connection Failed (502)

Any ideas how to get this working?