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Since just about every diagram includes text, I can't imagine what is higher on the list of things to fix.

Not to be mean to the developers, but this is a version 1 issue. We're supposed to continually baby-sit every element of our drawings, manually jockeying the font size to match any adjustment of the object size? The PDF workaround (and thanks for the info on it) is hokey and ridiculous, especially after years.

The problem is so tedious that I consider that app unusable. I run Corel Draw in a Fusion VM rather than screw around with this text-size issue.

It's too bad, because as far as I can tell, there isn't a single decent vector-drawing app on the Mac. Not that OmniGraffle is a full art program, but if they'd just fix this scaling issue, it'd suffice for a great many situations.