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wow - i'm glad to see others who are interested in this integration.

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I work in a windows/linux environment where I only have access to OmniFocus via my iPod touch. If I could sync my work related projects to the gMail task list, that would give me localized access to my task lists in my working environment (including cut & paste!). It would also allow me to add email tasks to OF from gMail when I am away from my Mac.
i think more fundamentally, a lot of us are hankerin for some type of web implementation of OmniFocus (can't see to find the thread related to this discussion at the moment...)

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd be willing to give up location-based contexts and the full-project editor if it means something to play with short-term. it would definitely begin to replace my need to use tadalists as a stopgap when I'm on the go.

I do have a concern as to where the "sync engine" would live - I hope it is modeled a bit more closely to a service like Plaxo where it's on the web rather than a challenging experience I am having with something like TimeBridge - great idea but it really doesn't work to sync client-side!