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With OmniFocus syncing, none of your data is held hostage [...] even if you move to a platform which can't run our software you can still get at all of your data. (Your data belongs to you, not us!)
Here here!

I only wish more companies took this attitude! Thanks for doing the right thing, Ken.

The payoff you reap in customer loyalty is an 'unvalued' item (in a numbers sense), but a very worthy indicator of your business' soundness, is worth a great deal to OG's shareholders whoever they may be (you, employees, others?), and is evident throughout these forums.

Kudos to you and everyone at OG,

PS Now if you only relocated to sunny Calif instead of overcast Seattle (yeah, I know, except this time of year), I'd want to come work for you! ;-) Hey, what's your telecommute policy?