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- Need to be able to set text encoding type. Most of the search shortcuts I've tried to create for Japanese sites don't work. The search string comes out garbled. I could fix this easily by simply setting the text encoding to the type expected by the site.

- Editable parameters. I just tried to create a shortcut to search MacUpdate with Google (by adding "" to the query), but it wasn't saved when I created the shortcut. I went into the preferences and edited the URL so it looked like this "...&", but OmniWeb is clearing that out because the "q" parameter is explicitly set to the string entered after the shortcut. (By the way, I wanted to create a Google shortcut for MacUpdate because their own search engine stinks, and Google always finds exactly what I'm looking for on the first try.)

That's it. Those two improvements would make many more search shortcuts possible, and would be highly appreciated.