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Hi Everyone,

For the last 9 or 10 months, I've been working on a book presently titled, Creating Flow with OmniFocus. It is designed to take a user from the basics of OmniFocus through an advanced usage that incorporates horizons of focus, best practices, using templates, among other ideas. It uses how the mind thinks about projects and tasks towards building a working system.

I would like to give out 4 copies for the purpose of receiving feedback, comments, and criticisms. ... (all copies given out.)

The book is not ready for public release, but it does have a solid structure at this point. Publishing, format, pricing, etc are still all up in the air.

- Kourosh


I've given out all the copies. Thanks to everyone who's offered!

I'll keep everyone updated as to how the book is progressing.

- Kourosh

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