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Hi Wilson and Tyler,

I'm glad you are liking it :-)) I'm ecstatic at the responses so far.

It may seem that it was well planned out, but I think about half the work was arranging the thoughts in a cohesive order after writing them down. I kept (and continue to keep) a "Thoughts to Add" project in OmniFocus to which I could add ideas for the book as they came to me. I'd then regularly visit that project as I wrote the book.

Meanwhile, I'd be re-arranging the book's order which took a while. A fairly regular conversation I'd have with myself was: "can I add this section here?" "I don't think I covered a particular part of the process." "That's another section then." "Oh wait, I cover some of it later - maybe I can move that back some" - "but that section's dependent on this other one," etc.

Now that the book's done and I continue to have additional ideas, I am trying to figure out whether and how to incorporate them into the present book which would make it that much larger. Alternatively, I could create an addendum. We'll see where it goes ...

- Kourosh

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