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Now that the book's done and I continue to have additional ideas, I am trying to figure out whether and how to incorporate them into the present book which would make it that much larger. Alternatively, I could create an addendum. We'll see where it goes ...

- Kourosh
LOL.... the life of an author and editor...... It always feel like it's a work in progress that will never finish itself.

Perhaps when we see OmniFocus 2.0, you'll come out with a new edition.

I know some folks post addendums on their web site. Others like the TidBITs and Take Control eBook series often send updates to the registered buyers. So many ways to tackle the addendum issue.

I think this valuable resource should be posted on the OmniGroup's OmniFocus page for folks to see. OmniFocus can be a very formidable program to master but it sure is worth it!

Thanks for contributing back to the OmniFocus community in such a big way.