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As a matter of interest, how do you activate your script? I presume you automate because its quicker than dragging, so do you save the script as an application, and then assign a shortcut to the application?
I can't speak for others, but I have invested in Mail Act On and have used their rules to use a keyboard shortcut to trigger applescripts in mail.

- ctrl-A creates an inbox action with a link back to the original mail.
- ctrl-W triggers Sven Fechner's (SimplicityBliss) script to add the last sent mail to omnifocus prefixed with 'Waiting For'. The script is here:

The last one is a godsend to me (thanks Sven) - although I have growl, it hung untill I set the growl setting to false but then works like a dream (I didn't want the notification anyway). Make sure that you save the script in the folder otherwise it won't be accessible to MailActOn.