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I like to us OO4 to create detailed outlines for training events. I use a modular approach and plug in different exercises, activities, etc. into the workshop I'm designing.

I thought I'd be able to use a Duration column to calculate the totals of sections (and the whole event) if I left the Level 1 open to be a list the Summary function.

The problem is that I want to put duration values at Level 2 but still be able to use Levels 3, 4, etc. for notes, and additional data. However, it seems like Level 2 won't allow me to directly put in a value as it seems to be wanting to "summarize" lower levels (even when there is no data in the duration column). Is there a way to override the Summary function for certain levels or limit the function to certain levels.

I know I could hack simply input my duration estimate at the lowest level and allow the data to flow back upward, but it seems less elegant and it's a bit inaccurate since I'm really only wanting to estimate a module (and not every piece).

Any suggestions?