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Here's something funny. When I copy a note location from Evernote (Format → Copy Note Link) and paste into the notes field of an OmniFocus item, it defaults to a particularly small (and unpleasant) font. I've been manually changing it. But I hate doing so.

Any ideas on how I can get that pasted link to default to something better? I assume that the style of the text is actually from Evernote rather than OmniFocus.

You can do "paste and match style" instead of paste. Shortcut is shift-command-option-V.

There's no way to have OF paste as plain text by default. It would be nice if there were. I've requested this before, though who knows if it will ever get implemented.

Alternately, if you use something like LaunchBar or Alfred, you can set them to paste as plain text and paste through them.