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Unfortunately paste and match style will strip off the user-friendly name of the link, and the result will be something attractive like evernote:///view/24291105/s209/e2e90f23-23cd-42c6-aa81-35be973505e2/e2f90f23-23cd-42c6-ab81-35be973505e2/ which I'm betting the OP thinks is worse than having to change the font by hand. He doesn't want plain text, he wants the link, just shown in a different font.

Poking around, it looks like the clipboard contents don't actually specify a font, so I suppose there is a small glimmer of hope that OmniFocus might be modified to allow one to specify a default font for pasted links. It doesn't seem to heed the Notes styling preferences either, which is a bit unexpected. Send in a request with Help->Send Feedback, but be sure to breathe regularly while waiting :-)