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Originally Posted by Craig
If I had a None task filter, I could make a list of projects easily in the main window. This would be handy to me for review.... Along those same lines, is there (or could there be) a shortcut for showing all notes attached to items in the main pane, so I don't have to click each individual paper clip to open them up?
You can do both of these right now.

To show a list of projects in the main window without tasks, make sure you're showing all projects (nothing is selected on the sidebar to the left), and that there is no grouping by folder, next review, etc. Then use the command View > Collapse All (or control-command-0). The tasks will be collapsed under the project name. You can expand specific projects during your review by clicking on the triangle to the left of the project name.

To show all notes, use the Edit > Select All command, then Edit > Edit Note command (or the keyboard shortcuts). This will expand all note fields for items that are shown, but not for items that are collapsed.