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Howard, I'm really sorry for the confusion this caused.

Looking at the development database, #1 is due to a bug that the team hasn't had a chance to fix yet. It's pretty much exactly what you deduced - if the parent of a row isn't itself due soon, that filter will hide the row from view. I've added a note to this item in the database so the team will know that you hit this bug and need it fixed.

For item #2, OmniFocus isn't currently designed to do what you want in Planning view. Currently, the intent of that view is to help you plan your projects from start-to-finish; that's why we keep the whole project together, rather than break it up into chunks or pieces.

As you noted, if you want to see the project broken out into pieces, context view will give you an exploded view of the project, which you can group/sort.

One tip that may be helpful: if you double-click a project's icon in the sidebar, OmniFocus will open up a new window focused on that project. You can then switch that new window to context mode to slice and dice the project.