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Palmer - the bug hasn't been marked "fixed" in the development database, but I know the team has been making some changes in this area of the app as part of their work on the upcoming 1.8 release.

Would you be willing to grab the latest Sneaky Peek release of the new version and see if you're still seeing the problem.

Just doing the following should be sufficient:
  1. Quit your "real" copy of OmniFocus
  2. Download the 1.8 Sneaky Peek. Mount the disk image, but don't install the app.
  3. Launch OmniFocus 1.8 from the disk image. Do your child tasks show up as due soon as expected?
  4. Quit the sneaky peek, un-mount the disk image, and drag the .dmg file to the trash.

You can then switch back to your currently-installed version of OmniFocus until we have the 1.8 builds completely coded up and tested. Thanks for the help!

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