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Hi folks,
I wanted to suggest a feature for OF. I'll first outline the workflow this would help with:

- In car, only one hand for iPod.
- Want to quickly and safely record an audio memo to a new inbox item in OF
- Bring up OF
- Button is immediately accessible on the bottom button bar to ADD RECORDING
- Clicking that button brings up recorder and (optionally) starts recording right away. If that option is not set in the settings, it'll wait for a record button to be touched
- Make a recording
- Hit stop and save
- A new inbox entry is created, with the audio file attached. The name of the item, its status, and its project would all be user configurable in settings. If nothing is set, then it'll be like a completely uncatagorized inbox item.

- Currently I use another voice memo app (Voxie) to record my OF inbox items. I then go through my Voxie inbox and transfer things over to my OF inbox.
I use Voxie because I can set it up to Express Start into immediate recording when I open it. Very handy for keeping my head empty whilst on the road or in other situations where typing in not an option or not convenient.

I'd love to see the same sort of feature for photo taking. I quite often use photos to record a note about something. For instance, I might see a book I like and want to buy. I'll photograph the cover, and stick it into my inbox. The same might go for a product I want to research online before buying, such as a health product in a health food store. I'll photograph it.

Currently I have to create a new inbox item, give it a name, get the typing interface out of the way, scroll down to Take Photo, take the photo, etc. Would be nice if on the opening page I could click an add new instant photo inbox button. If there is not enough room for both audio and photo Express button, then they could be the same button… which will then pop up a little menu with Photo and Audio on it. Click either one, and voila… immediately a new inbox item is created ready to add a photo or recording.

Would love to hear if this would be useful to anyone else.

I am a big fan of keeping my head 100% empty 99.99% of the time. This (particularly the instant record feature) would make that even easier.