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I am not finding anything of the sort (and I am not having a go at your wording!). Of all the apps on my Mac, I probably use OG the most, and I have not found the bug. Obviously, that does not suggest that it does not exist, clearly you have found it. I have used apps with AppleScript, but I am nowhere near your level of proficiency.

Only one single crash in seven years of heavy use. Which of course means that I trust the OG display completely.

The example you have provided is fair enough for the purpose of demonstrating the problem/bug. But what is the relevance ? Eg. I can change "genius" to "fool" without using an AppleScript code segment, and that method is much faster as well; so there must be some significance in your trying to change it via AS (and failing), and the relevance is probably greater than the example-for-demo-purposes.

Of course it is an AppleScript integration issue, that most of us will not see in our entire lifetimes. I do not see how it identifies an architectural flaw, just a serious bug in the AS integration.

The peter pan bug is more of the peter principle to me. It is too small to worry about and the workaround is simple enough; given the bugs in other Mac apps, if this is the worst of OG, it really is a very tight product.

It is good that you have warned us. You probably know that this for the bug to be addressed appropriately, you need to send a bug report from OG, this forum is not the correct avenue.

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