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In general, the easiest way to manage your OmniPresence data is to simply use the Finder to add and remove files. But what if something has gone awry, and you're not able to use OmniPresence with the server? What if you just want to remove everything from the server?

All of the data on the server is accessible via WebDAV, in a folder called .com.omnigroup.OmniPresence. To remove all your OmniPresence data, you simply need to issue a WebDAV command which tells the server to delete that folder.

Here is a (long) one-line command which you can copy-and-paste into Terminal to remove all of your OmniPresence data from the Omni Sync Server:

echo -n "To remove your OmniPresence data, please enter your Omni Sync Server account name: "; read OSSACCOUNT; curl -v --request DELETE --location-trusted --digest --user "$OSSACCOUNT" "$OSSACCOUNT/.com.omnigroup.OmniPresence/"
When you run that command in Terminal, it will prompt you for your Omni Sync Server account name and password, and remove that account's OmniPresence folder. Note that running this command will delete any synced documents from currently synced folders on the specified account.

Hope this helps!

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