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For certain repeating tasks (ie- MWF: run to the beach and back, TTh: weight lifting at the gym, etc...) I like to assign a start and end date on the same day and then set it to repeat every 1 week. This way tasks for tomorrow or the next day are unavailable today and off my radar so I can focus on today's tasks. When I wake up in the morning and review the days tasks, these tasks have appeared and are now on my radar.

The problem is that I often like to take time in the evening to plan the next day so that I can get moving right away in the morning. So I've been setting my mac's time preference temporarily to the next day while I'm planning in the evening as a temporary fix to this problem.

It would be great if OmniFocus had a feature to look ahead at the next days tasks. It could be called "On the Radar for Tomorrow" or whatever.

What do you think?

Bellingham, WA