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Thanks for your reply, Lizard.

By bad results I mean exactly what you anticipated. Even though I specifically try to capture a window, what happens is the entire screen (including the gray semi-transparent window) gets captured.

I have two ways to do a window capture: 1) Using the screen-capture keystrokes that are part of OS X, and 2) using a third-party program named EasyCrop that gives you the option to grab a selection, window, or entire screen. An attempt to capture a *window* using either of the two ways will yield a capture of the entire *screen*.

I haven't contacted the support ninjas about the problem yet. However, I did write the makers of EasyCrop about it, and here is an excerpt from their reply (Note that SnapNDrag is the component of EasyCrop that actually does the screen capture):
I believe OmniDazzle works by covering the entire screen with a transparent (or translucent) window. There's no window border and title bar, but the window is there. That's why when SnapNDrag snap the window, you get the whole screen.
Evidently they agree with you about what's behind the problem.

The thing is, it seems like the most logical reason for having Cutout in the first place would be to produce a capture of a *window* (not a screen), one that would be saved and subsequently inserted into a document or web page. I suppose if all you were going to use Cutout for is live presentations, then the screen capture would be of little consequence. Still, I would have to think that the majority of people who would want to use Cutout would want to use it to capture a *window*, winding up with a graphic they can repurpose and insert into another program.

And since it might be useful to others--and it might help in coming up with a solution to this problem--I'll mention that the makers of EasyCrop make SnapNDrag available to the Mac community for free. It makes doing a screen shot a, well, a snap. < >

In the meantime, I'm going to try to figure out how to get this in front of the support ninjas.

Thanks again!