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I've got OmniFocus synching to my corporate WebDAV server (Oracle Beehive) without any problems.

I'm trying to use OmniPresence so that I can have DropBox style functionality that meets our corporate security guideline that our documents aren't store on external data services. However, despite the OmniFocus synch process working without issue, I can't get this to work.

When I try and set up a new synch folder, I get a 403 error:

04/03/2014 16:08:29.262 OmniPresence[450]: Error validating account: {
code = 403;
domain = "com.omnigroup.frameworks.OmniDAV.DAVHTTP.ErrorDom ain";
userInfo = {
NSErrorFailingURLKey = "https://.../OmniDAV-Conformance-Tests/";
NSLocalizedDescription = "Unable to perform WebDAV operation.";
NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion = "The ... server returned \"forbidden\" (403) in response to a request to \"DELETE /.../OmniDAV-Conformance-Tests\".";
errorData = <3c48544d 4c3e3c48 4541443e 3c544954 4c453e34 30332046 6f726269 6464656e 3c2f5449 544c453e 3c2f4845 41443e3c 424f4459 3e3c4831 3e343033 20466f72 62696464 656e3c2f 48313e46 6f726269 6464656e 3c2f424f 44593e3c 2f48544d 4c3e>;
errorDataContentType = "text/html; charset=UTF-8";
errorString = "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>403 Forbidden</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><H1>403 Forbidden</H1>Forbidden</BODY></HTML>";
headers = {
"User-Agent" = "OmniPresence/ Darwin/10.9.2 (Macmini3%2C1) (brmpdm01.local)";

If I try to set up the folder without restarting OmniPresence, I just get an authentication error.

In my target remote directory on the WebDAV server, I can see .com.omnigroup.OmniPresence, so there has been some element of success in the set-up. There is no sign of OmniDAV-Conformance-Tests as reported in the log.

I'm led to believe that our WebDAV server is supposed to be fully complaint. Can anyone suggest pertinent actions or questions that I can take to our IT support team?