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Its an old story that OW was always "behind" the Safari Webkit development, still there are numerous sites rendering well in Safari but not in OW.

I could live with this as the features of OW were still superior for my needs. However since some time now its not only misplaced rendering. More and more often OW simply freezes driving the CPU load to 100%, no crash reports, no log entries..

I guess this is the evolution of Javascript, HTML5 etc. which OW is not able to catch up with especially now thats it is a free product.

I am now seriously considering to end my love relationship with OW and switch to Safari or Firefox. But I still would hope that OW evolves further and can eliminate the reasons for these freezes.

prominent example fors such a freeze-page is "" or the good Readability Java Script from

This is with all OW Versions >=5.10 working on OSX 10.6.8