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I'm wondering if I should be careful about making sure things are always in sync between my devices (I'm using Mac, Iphone, and iPad).

I have used other apps where you have to be sure that you fully sync new data from the other device before you start the other device, otherwise there can be data loss (e.g. Anki for Mac and Iphone).

I am really impressed with how seamless the sync seems to be, this is a killer feature. And I don't see any problem with it putting together things like new inbox items from devices that haven't been synced in a while.

But what if you do major changes on one platform; and you also do major changes on another platform concerning the same data with possibly conflicting attributes, without stopping to sync between the two beforehand? For example, what if you somehow manage to create dependencies on a task on one, but delete that task altogether on another, without getting a sync in?