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How do you feel about editing XML files by hand? :-)

It's not terribly difficult to do, particularly if you've got a set of examples to work from, but it is important that you have your database fully compacted (only 1 zip file) before you start, because you won't be making new transactions the way the apps would. I've been meaning to write up a description of how to do it, but it hasn't even made it to the upper 1/3 of the "fun stuff I might do when I should be working on more important things" list, despite how often I am doing items from that list :-)

More to the point, however, is the question of why you want to do this? The Mac app can't do anything useful with the information (it already has it for any context locations you entered on an iOS device, after all). Besides proving to myself that I could figure out how to do it, the only time I've ever felt the need to do it was when I had a complicated search that was awkward to enter on the iPhone, back before the location editor was improved. Now I might do it by experimenting with my search string in Google maps on the Mac, then copy and paste the resulting string into an email, read the email on the iOS gadget and copy and paste the string into the location field in OmniFocus. Much less trouble!