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Is there a list somewhere of the current changes that will appear in OO4? I really, really like OO. It's what I build and maintain my talks and lectures in, which as an university professor is a good chunk of what I get paid to do. At the same time, things like View Zoom seem increasingly weird not to have. I have recently consolidated a whole host of my workflow in DevonThink, and while it's not my ideal app for writing, I am wondering if I wouldn't be better off trying to use it in some fashion. If I had a sense that OO4 was going to offer some of the features I have been looking for, mostly having to do with better view and print options, then I could more easily plan to take advantage of those features. If they remain off the table, well, then, I would know it's time to move.

I still depend on OmniGraffle and OmniFocus, so it's not like I'm leaving OmniGroup behind, but simply letting a venerable application go its way while I go mine.