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I just started using OmniFocus on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 4 recently. I am trying to figure out how notifications for local reminders are supposed to work, namely: am I supposed to be notified by sound and banner (iPhone's Notification Center) when I am near location where certain actions are to be taken?

First of all, OmniFocus notifications are enabled on my iPhone under Settings/Notifications. OmniFocus has been added to Notification Center. It is set to show 5 recent items, use Banners as alert style, with "Badge App Icon", "Sounds" and "View in Lock Scree" all set to ON.

Now, in OmniFocus itself, there is "Notifications:Sounds & Alerts" button on Settings screen. When I tap on it I see that both "Show Alerts" and "Play Sound" options are set to ON in "Location Reminders" section. So, I understand that when I drive or walk near, say, a store where I am supposed to buy something (and of course this store has its coordinates assigned in Map section of OmniFocus") then my iPhone is supposed to make a sound and display a notification banner on the screen. Yet, it does not happen. No notification whatsoever!

I believe I have it all set up correctly, since when I click on Map in OmniFocus home screen, it shows me the list of items I am supposed to buy at that store. So why does it fail to notify me with sound and notification banner? (all other reminders work fine).

I would appreciate your help in resolving this problem.