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Now you may think "why are they wasting their efforts on version 1.x and just get on with version 2.0?"
Are they wasting their efforts/resources on version 1? I doubt, they "killed iCal sync" and added "repetitive tasks". That counts like zero.

I'm in the SW Business since 20 years, SW which is developed get add ons etc. on a regular basis and not twice a year and in OS X many things have changed, and there is no adaption to the new possibilities.

And sorry; I have no iPad and yes I was looking to buy the phone app, but reluctant to buy also because of the "non existent" development of their core app, which is still OF for Mac. I'm aware of their other apps, which I don't need.

But, Omni Group can be proud of such a customer base, I hope they will honor that.

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