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I'm handling this partly with perspectives right now, though that may end up being too much maintenance for me.

For example, for groceries, I have a project "Perpetual Grocery List". It contains items for grocery items that I usually buy. My main day-to-day perspectives exclude it, so that I don't see those items when I do all of the other things that I do. Then I have a perspective "Grocery List Edit" that excludes everything but the grocery list and shows all of its items, checked and unchecked, so that I can uncheck the ones I need. I have another one, "Grocery List Shop" that shows only the unchecked items.

For some other lists, I create a project and either put it on hold or give it a default context that's an On Hold context, so that I don't have to fuss with perspectives to make those items disappear. For example, I might create a list like this for ordering garden seeds, and also add active actions to remind me to work on the list or order from it. The same for books to look for at the library, perfumes to sniff, topics to blog about, things like that.