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As for the whiners who are experiencing "internet outrage" over a $20 application. Hey, geniuses. You're using a phone that probably costs you $1200/year to operate and using a $20 application that organizes a large part of your life THAT you probably won't have to pay for again in the next 3 years.

I'm sure the folks at your local homeless shelter are equally outraged.
Nail hit firmly on the head, dwc.

I really, really feel people need to get some perspective here. I have each of the three OF versions and have bought OF 2 for iPhone. I don't begrudge that expenditure at all and I'm certainly not rolling around in piles of money here.

I was a software developer for 26 years and I'm now writing apps of my own and when I read some mean, mean comments on the App Store I often want to scream and cry. How are developers meant to get paid? Is there any other product in modern life that seems so indispensable (a mobile phone and/or a computer) for which people expect to shell out so little. Ideally, for nothing. Very expensive phones for 'nothing' on the lowest contracts. Software for nothing and perpetual free upgrades too if you can.

Averaged priced 250,000 houses, 15,000 cars, expensive holidays, meals out at 40-50 a pop. A round of drinks in a pub costs some youngsters (who clearly have more credit than sense!) about 60 and it's gone in less than an hour.

As I said in an earlier post, OF 2 for iPhone is 14. Step back from your iPhone/iPod for just a moment and look at what else you might pay for in a single week, costing at least 14, and all you now have to show for it is a larger waistline or a debit in your bank statement and some (hopefully good) memories. Seriously.

Why do people apply standards to software pricing that would sound utterly ludicrous in any other area of their life? Think about what you spend regularly without moaning at your "provider". Your electricity bill last week? The cost of a single tank of fuel? One train journey? A takeaway? That 8 DVD you just bought and may watch once more before it gathers dust along with the other 60 or more sitting in your lounge before going on eBay or to the charity shop. The 50 pair of jeans you've had for 2 years but just threw out because they're a bit worn and have a hole in the knee?

Yet here is a piece of software, one you probably use a lot, many, many times a day for years, crafted over months by dozens of experienced and skilled people on a living US wage (not put together in 6 minutes in an mostly automated factory in Vietnam by people hardly paid enough on which to live) and then supported by Ninjas and Omni developers for free for years and you get the OmniSync server thrown in too.


Come on people. Raise eyes from the App Store, look around the world. Get real. And as dwc? said, please stop apologising for pricing Ken.