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Things that I have asked for already: -

16). I would like to be able to re-size the Start and Due columns in Context mode. At the moment, on a laptop with a 12" screen, the dates break onto two lines

17). Imagine the following: -

You use quick entry to add an item to a single action list called Next Actions and you don't enter a context.

You are using OF maximised (especially needed on a small screened laptop).

When you next go into OF the item may be at the bottom of the list. When you tab across to the context and start typing it in the list of contexts can fall off the end of the screen. This is especially the case when there are sub contexts e.g.

@Town: ABC Store
@Town: Books-R-Us
@Town: Camera Centre

18). I think that Omnifocus would benefit from Growl notification on receiving an email

19). It would be nice to have a shortcut command or toolbar button for Clear Perspective

I haven't asked for this: -

20). Better sorting - the ability to sort in a single action list in Planning mode to see which context you should be working in to get the most important thing done

21). Alarms when things are due