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So Pagico landed in my Inbox (the Mail variety) from MacZot today and I have to say it looks pretty cool...basically its a database which can store everything relating to a topic, and manage the links between those topics. This can include files, contacts, tasks etc. I particularly like the graphical Gantt chart-style to do list it can give you.

While I know this is a bit different to OF's objectives, I'm definitely contemplating it (with 50% off) because:
-Works on Windows as well
-Like the ongoing project management
-everything above

BUT: -it runs in a slightly odd 'Web 2.0' environment - i.e. everything is a dynamically generated web/AJAX page running inside a rudimentary browser. But it works...

Now I know this isn't what OF is designed for, BUT I Think the OG could learn things here - even though they have OmniPlan for larger project management - in terms of the dynamic, automatic linking etc. But it's not very GTD!!

Not really sure what I'm trying to say here, apart from to point out this other cool product that's making me go 'argh what do i do' when it comes up on special offer!

Any further thoughts!?