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Make a symbolic link from your pocket drive to your OmniFocus application support folder. Do it on both computers.

Normally, you can double-click an .ofocus file to access it off of whatever drive, but I'm betting that file won't sync.
Thanks so much for the tip - I think this solution will work. Here's the steps I did for anyone else out there in need of this solution:

1. I moved my existing OmniFocus folder from the location: Home>Library>Applications Support (where "Home" is the home directory. Make sure NOT to look in the root directory's Library folder, as you won't find it there). This folder was moved to a location on my pocket drive.

2. Using a free utility I found online: "SymbolicLinker 1.3"
I avoided a trip to the terminal, and let this tool do the work of creating a symbolic link for me (just follow the instructions).

3. That's it - works (so far) like a charm. Now, I'll only be syncing my iphone, as the database will travel with me.

Thanks iNik for the great tip!

Note to all: Normal Mac "aliases" don't work - you need to use the Symbolic Link routine.